Meet Hanna

Hi! My name is Hanna, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Germany.

I’m volunteering at William Blake House which is a care home for people with disabilities and I’m supporting the residents in their home with personal care, activities throughout the day and their needs in their daily lives. The main focus is a one-to-one support while spending the whole day with the residents to be able to support them in any aspect.

The reason for my volunteering with ICYE is that I wanted to gain more experiences in working with people with disabilities and to get to know the English culture as well as improving my English skills and meeting a lot of new friends.

The best part so far was meeting all the other volunteers from ICYE and building friendships with them while travelling through the UK together and meeting up on our off days to spend time together. Because of that I felt home right away and it’s amazing to have a volunteer family who supports each other and also to be able to exchange our experiences in our projects. Thanks to ICYE I’m not only able to build up a life for this year in the UK and be active in social work, I also gained new friendships for life with people from all over the world.