Who are we?

Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE UK) is an international volunteering charity working in the field of intercultural learning and youth development. Ours is an unique and transformative offer with a mission to increase cultural sharing and understanding by encouraging young people to live, learn and work together.

Why are we fundraising?

 The Covid pandemic has hit international volunteering and our income. While we have kept going and this year will host more than 30 international volunteers in the UK, we have so far been unable to start sending UK volunteers to our partners. We want to restart the sending programme by the end of this year and increase the number of volunteers coming to the UK. To do this we first need to do a proper research study to find out:

  • The demand for the sending programme 
  • How we can market this more effectively
  • How we can make the programme financially sustainable


 We aim to raise £5000 and to match this through grant applications so we have a £10,000 fund to restart our sending programme. Please contribute generously. Your contribution will make all the difference.

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