Date for review: 01 Jan 2024

Reference:  ICYE UK – Trustee elections

Introduction and Aim

In order to allow for full and democratic participation in ICYE Annual General Meetings the following guidelines will apply.

It is fully understood that in some cases rigid rules are not helpful. These guidelines should be viewed as the norms; departures are to be expected but should be justified in each case. 

2 Months before

Meeting date to be set by trustees. Returning Officer to be appointed. (the person who runs the election, doesn’t have the right to vote and since staff can’t vote, a member of staff usually acts as a returning officer).

6 Weeks before

Sitting trustees to inform ICYE office, Chair and Secretary by this date at the latest regarding their intention to run or not. 

Nomination forms to be distributed, and AGM information to be published on social media. Information sent out should include details of the positions open for election, and (wherever possible) whether there is an incumbent trustee who intends to run for that position.

3 Weeks before

Formal deadline for closure of nominations. This is to give sitting Trustees and the ICYE office 1 week to seek further nominations if sufficient candidates do not come forward. 

2 Weeks before

Nomination papers to be sent out to all members (active alumni – who come to AGMs), with e-voting (anonymous voting ahead of time or online, to be confirmed for each AGM) to open as soon as possible afterwards. This is to give members time to review the documents prior to elections.